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We would like to thank everybody for the support over the years!   If you would like to make a comment or two about your Dr Owusu skincare products simply sign in and talk!  Thanks so much!

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Dr. Owusu
I have been using your skin care products for about three weeks and can honestly testify that it works miracles on my skin.
I have been suffering from Milia ( white benign bumps around the eyes) for many years and had them surgically removed. Unfortunately these ugly bumps continue to return.
I started to use your skin care regimen , including the wonderful facial mask, and noticed my bumps have drastically decreased in size, some of them have disappeared completely. I love your products.
The facial serum makes my skin feel and look like satin.
My previous, expensive store products went into the trash can!
Dr. Owusu, I appreciate you and what you have been able to do for my face. It is glowing and no make up is needed to cover up a woman's natural beauty of her skin..
May God continue to Bless you Dr. Owusu and allow God to continue to use you. You make a difference.

BW from  Columbus GA


I have been using the skincare line for approximately 6 weeks and I have noticed a tremendous improvement in the feel and look of my skin. My dark circles are diminishing, my complexion is smooth and more radiant. I'm using only a thumbnail amount of foundation. I strongly endorse these products and will continue to use this line for all my skincare needs.

tp from  Irwinton Ga


Dr. Owusu, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I was introduced to your product about 2 months ago and it has completely changed the texture and look of my skin to one that it as soft as a "baby bottom", radiant and my skin actually glows. I have always had problem with oily skin and acne and have tried numerous products including name brand products. They got my skin to be okay but never delivered the total package that I've always desired. I also love the presentation/look of your product: the exfoliant with the oils allows my face to stay moisturized and the mask that is so lite and "minty" but yet powerful pulls out impurities in my skin. I have fallen in love and greatful for your product and I eager to tell others about how it has changed the life of my face. Thank you Dr. Owusu.

CPB from  Warner Robins Ga


Skin care for daughter.
Hi, Dr. Owusu skin care products are working wonders for my daughter.

PN from  Mcdonough GA


I waited after using the products for about 3 weeks now to leave a comment. I have been using high end skincare products for years. I am a mature Black female ovr 40 . I found these products to be amazing. My complexion is now glowing and smooth textured skin from the exfoliate. I find my makeup goes on smoother and the product gives you a wonderful canvas to apply your makeup. All of my colleagues and friends have been raving over my complexion. I have referred several of them to give Dr. O's products a try and you will be hooked. Your face is your passport so why not show the beautiful side of you. I dare you to try it!! The $39 will be the best investment you will have ever made. Leave a comment and let me know how you like. Be Blessed Sabrina B.

SMB from  Vidalia GA


I was introduced to Dr. Owusu skin care product two weeks ago and my what a difference to my skin. It's looks better, healthier, and much smoother. I've received many comments about how good my skin looks and I now use less makeup to cover up my flaws. I recommend this product to anyone. If you try it you'll see the difference it can make in your skin.



I started using Dr. Owusu's skin care and LOVED it! When my 17 y.o. daughter started using it I couldn't believe the difference it made! Her acne has cleared up completely and we both love the way our skin looks and feels. I've never found a product that I was so satisfied with. Thanks Dr. Owusu!!

SS from  Cochran GA


I purchased the Clear Skin Set a few weeks ago, and I am loving it!! Your products are wonderful, Dr Owusu. I will recommend them to everyone!



I have tried Dr.Owusu's products and I can't tell you how pleased I am. The scrub and serum are AWESOME and I highly recommend them.My skin has never felt better and people have complimented how good my skin looks. If you have the chance to try these products, TRY them. You will not be sorry.

da from  eastman georgia


I have tried Dr Owusu's Skincare regimen for the skin and I am loving it. My skin feels so soft and smooth and I have no more acne. I love it. If you are a skeptic like me, try it you will love it too. It works. I also like the fact that Dr Owusu uses alot of natural ingredients.

SB from  Milledgeville GA


I just wanted to also say that I have very bad acne problems and have tried many many many expensive and non-expensive products and even seen the skin care doctor and nothing helped until I started using these products. These are high end products for such an affordable price. Thank you Dr. Owusu. I will tell eveyone I know about these products and continue to buy them as well.

DM from  Eastman GA


I have been using Dr. Owusu's Revitalizing Skincare Set for two weeks and it looks like it has taken at least ten years off the way I look. The Facial srubs cleanses and exfolites deeply, face feels lighter. The Masque helps with the wrinkles on your face and balances out the oil production on your face. The Serum makes your skin feels baby soft. I love it and encourages everyone with or without skin problems who is looking for beautiful skin to use these products. Just try them, I guarrantee you a difference in the appearance of your skin and looks.
Thank you Dr. O.

DM from  Eastman GA


I tried skin care products. My face is very sensitive. I break out very easy when I apply makeup an skin products on my face. Since I have been using these products, I haven't broke out and I can see a difference in how my face looks and feels. Thank You Dr. Owusu. I will continue to use these products.

tw from  McRae Ga


I had been using these product with the facial scrub, mask and facial serum for 4 days. I have seen a significant result. I had acen scar, redness and acne all my face over 10 years. After i use this prodcut, i had no more break out. My skin looks so clean, whiter and the redness starts fading away. these product are not making your skin dry. it balances your oil on your face really great. i dont have to clean my face after working so many hours, not oily anymore. it keeps you smooth and oily free at all times. I highly recommend to you all. I had purchase few more extra set for my sister and brother.




Thank you everyone for using and supporting The Dr. Owusu Skincare Line. I hope you love the products as much as we do.
For the New Year:

We are proud to announce that Ms. Aliyah Najm (mother of singer T-Pain) is the spokes person for the Dr. Owusu Skincare Line----Congratulations to Ms. Najm and Welcome Aboard!
Please continue to support the product line and all your comments are accepted!

MM from  Dublin GA


We just love the shea butter you guys use in the exfoliating facial soap. My daughter loves it even more! Thanks so much!

DT from  Dublin GA